July 8 News from the Triennial

Woke up this morning to a soaring temperature of 105 degrees!

It was an exciting day, though, beginning with Eucharist and hearing Bishop Curry give an uplifting sermon. This was followed by ECW honoring Sara Brownlowe (from All Saints Frederick) as a distinguished woman by the National Episcopal Church Women. She was escorted by both Bishops Sutton and Burnett. It was a moment she will never forget.

Next came the introduction of the “Youth Presence” at our convention. There were 18 young people from around the country including Isabelle Locke, from St. Anne’s Annapolis.

In the afternoon Joy Shigaki, from the Episcopal Relief and Development Committee spoke about the Nets For Life program. This program has helped to stop malaria in Africa’s many children and adults .

It was a blessed day!

Dottie and Barbara

July 7 News from the Triennial

Friday July 7

The theme for the Triennial is “Many Paths, One Journey.” The Rev. David Gartner from VTS (Virginia Theological Seminary) spoke with us about evangelism and importance of having conversations about our courageous witness for faith, making a connection with The Great Story. He stressed the importance of meeting, sharing, and listening to all we meet everyday and everywhere.

Dottie, Barbara, and Sara

News from the Triennial

Our meeting began with the traditional presentation of pewter crosses with the ECW symbol.  The cross represents Christ, the circle stands for hope of wholeness in our lives and others, and the outflowing lines depict the many works of ECW in the world the intertwined lines are our lives centered in Christ.  Once the crosses were blessed, the Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori gave each member a cross.

The Bishop of Indianapolis, the Rt. Rev. Catherine Waynick, welcomed us all to her city.  The highlight was the keynote speech, the Rev. Lindsay Harden Freeman, who gave a humerous talk on women in the Bible, women in the church, and women in our lives and the gift and support we  have all received from them.

It was announced then, 285 voting members were in attendance and Province III had all 13 dioceses represented.

We are off to a good start!

Dottie, Barbara, and Sara