Where your treasure is…

… there your heart will be also.

There is a committee at General Convention that is so important to the functioning of the church that is both courted and cursed by everyone. Truly, a Love-Hate relationship exists with the Program, Budget, and Finance Committee – affectionately knows as PB&F. We all know that funding is necessary for the work of the church and everyone is vying for a their share of the available funds.

At the very start of convention a hearing was held with PB&F where people could speak about the importance of their ministry, their mission, their heartfelt vocation to do God’s will in the world. People stood before PB&F and said, “Here is where my heart is…” and the response that everyone desires is – The Episcopal Church’s will put its treasure where my heart is.

Many wonderful resolutions come before the convention, even get voted in the affirmative, but unless PB&F decides to allocate funding in that line item, the resolution can lie dormant, unable to be acted on. Our hearts may be there, but our treasure is not. Here is where hearts break and we struggle not to curse PB&F. No one envies their job, and everyone wants to be tucked under the wing of the budget.

Two heartfelt missions were repeated over and over during the hearing with PB&F
1. Ministry with and for Indigenous Peoples
2. Ministry with Youth and Young Adults
The testimony was impassioned, heartfelt, and all of our hearts went out for more youth ministry, funding for the Episcopal Youth Event, money for campus ministries, money for Episcopal ministry on reservations, Asset Based Community Development to empower the “Native” Americans who have had so much taken from them since this land was taken over and colonized.

It remains to be seen where our treasure will be allocated. But every day people are sharing more and more of their hearts with each other in the hopes that the church’s treasure will find its way into our heartfelt ministries.

Stay tuned…

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