News from the Triennial

Our meeting began with the traditional presentation of pewter crosses with the ECW symbol.  The cross represents Christ, the circle stands for hope of wholeness in our lives and others, and the outflowing lines depict the many works of ECW in the world the intertwined lines are our lives centered in Christ.  Once the crosses were blessed, the Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori gave each member a cross.

The Bishop of Indianapolis, the Rt. Rev. Catherine Waynick, welcomed us all to her city.  The highlight was the keynote speech, the Rev. Lindsay Harden Freeman, who gave a humerous talk on women in the Bible, women in the church, and women in our lives and the gift and support we  have all received from them.

It was announced then, 285 voting members were in attendance and Province III had all 13 dioceses represented.

We are off to a good start!

Dottie, Barbara, and Sara

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3 Responses to News from the Triennial

  1. Val Hymes says:

    The resolution proposed by Bishop Sutton for $150,000 over the next three years for more camps for children of prisoners was slashed by the House of bishops, losing all funding language. Members of the Maryland deputation promised to address the importance of at least reaching out to these children. It still reaffirms the church’s commitment to this ministry and urges networking of camp leaders. Coincidentally, Bishop Rayford High of Texas repeated his invitation to have a camp ministries gathering at Camp Allen.

  2. Orion Jones says:

    Good try by Bishop Sutton, a good start for building positive momemtum. Reaffirming the church’s commitmment is important.

  3. mcallen says:

    wonderful description!! keep doing this helpful stuff